About me.


It all started when…

I was a teen—talented, fit, and insecure. I was the girl at the pool weighing 130 lbs. soaking wet who would wait until no one was looking to take off her cover-up. “Before pictures” filled my phone gallery but never any “after pictures”. I remember rollerblading for 4 hours one day on an empty stomach thinking I couldn’t wait to break my starvation in two days. Who was I trying to impress by doing this? AND WHY?!

I grew up watching my mother yo-yo diet. Watching her get dressed as a girl I remember coming out of her closet with four different outfits before 8 a.m. telling herself she was too heavy for her clothes. I mimicked this. Each year would try to fit into the last summer’s shorts. As a growing teenager, this never worked out in my favor. I hated growing into my curves. Diet after diet I developed a worse and worse relationship with my food, my body, & myself.

Food has always had a special place in my family, however. Being raised in the South meant gathering for a meal at every occasion. I had a love for food, but such a bad relationship with it. My father suggested nutrition school after high school graduation and I fell in love with the idea of educating myself on proper nutrition to help people feel and look good.

After learning so much about proper nutrition on a large scale, I had more questions regarding individuality in the diet world. In college I learned about what to promote to society about healthy eating patterns, portions, and sources. I questioned whether or not one specific diet was the answer to the world’s health issues or if it should be taken on a more personal basis. By personal, I mean including intuitive eating, emotional eating, genetics, allergies, etc as factors to determine a person’s diet.

In my journey to find answers I have come to the conclusion that by eliminating stress, diving into eating habits and their origin, going back to the basics of drinking plenty water, resting, fueling our minds, and listening to our bodies, we can cultivate better awareness about our dietary needs. We will focus so heavily on to eat carbs, to avoid gluten, and other trending diet fads, that we forget to even focus on the basics of keeping ourselves alive. Our bodies are holding onto excess weight as a way to keep us alive in this hectic world. Once we nourish our bodies and mind on the basic level, then we can focus on specifics.

Our basic needs, however, cannot always be fulfilled so easily. That is where I have felt health coaching plays a huge role. My job has been to become the coach that brings you back to square one to rule out all basic causes of excess weight and toxic food relationships. When something in our life is lacking we often fill that hole by over-indulging in other areas in life. For example, if I feel unloved I may reach for a second plate of food in order to fill that physiological need to feel loved. If I do not feel belonging in my life, I may fill that gap with materialistic purchases. We don’t even realize these patterns until we talk to a coach, who is trained in seeking out these tendencies.

My career as a health coach has helped individuals get back to the basics, cultivate awareness of imbalances in their life, and overall have more energy to fuel the life they desire.


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